Layout & Action
The layout of the various buttons on the Yamaha PSR 295 keyboard is simple and easy to use. The Yamaha psr295 has 61 keys and comes with a synth action which is suited more for keyboard players rather than pianists.

External connectivity
This model does not come with a disk drive but it has a USB slot to let you connect your keyboard to a computer. You can use an external software sequencer if you wish to and use your keyboard as a midi controller.

Recording option
The PSR 295 lets you record your songs. The recording feature is simple to use but it does not provide you with editing features. If you do a mistake, you will have to record your entire song again.

Other Features
Some of the other features that you will find useful are -
• 487 voices
• 135 styles
• 35 pre-recorded songs
• No disk drives
• Harmony feature – Adds extra notes to the right hand melody based on the chord played with your left hand
• USB slot