Magellan eXplorist 200 GPS




Base Map 8 MB - Includes cities, highways, waterways, parks, & airports
Coverage North America
Number of Screens 4
Screens - Types Map, Compass, Position, Satellite Status
Position Update Rate (per second) 1
Time to First Fix: Cold <2 minutes
Time to First Fix: Warm <1 minute
Time to First Fix: Hot <15 seconds
Maximum Velocity (mph/km/h) 951 mph/1530.5 km/h
Unit Width (inches/cm) 2.1 in/5.3 cm
Unit Height (inches/cm) 4.6 in/11.7 cm
Unit Depth (inches/cm) 1.3 in/3.3 cm
Weight (oz/gm) 4 oz./110 gm
Display Width (in/cm) 1.4 in/3.6 cm
Display Height (in/cm) 1.8 in/4.6 cm
Display Resolution 160 x 120
Backlit Display Yes
Backlit Keypad No
Construction Rubber Armored Impact Resistant Plastic
Horizontal Accuracy (meters) <7
Horizontal Accuracy (%RMS) 2D RMS 95%
Horizontal Accurcay - RMS w/WAAS or EGNOS (meters) <3
Horiztonal Accuracy (%RMS/WAAS or EGNOS) 2D RMS 95%
Vertical Accuracy (meters RMS) <10
Velocity (knots RMS) 0.1
Plotter Range Minimum (mi/km) 100 ft/30m
Plotter Range Maximum (mi/km) 1,700 mi/2,700 km
Battery Type 2 AA
Receiver (parallel channels WAAS/EGNOS enabled) 14
Receiver WAAS/EGNOS Enabled Yes
User Data Backup Flash Memory - Indefinite
Waterproof (IEC-529 IPX7 Standard) Yes
Emissions Certification - Immunity (EN 55022 Class B) Yes
Emissions Certification - Susceptibility (EN 50082-1) Yes
Operating Temp Min (F/C) 14F/-10C
Operating Temp Max (F/C) 140F/60C
Operating Altitude Max (ft/m) 60,000ft?/18,600m
Waypoints 500
Routes 20
Trackpoints 2000
Grids Lat/Lon, UTM, OSGB, MGRS, Finnish, German, Swedish, French, Irish, Swiss, USNG, User Guide
Datums 75
User-defined Datums 1
Data Input No
Data Input (RTC M104 Standard) No
Data Output (NMEA 0183 V1.5 Standard) No
Data Output (NMEA 0183 V2.1 Standard) No
DGPS Ready No
Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian
Optional accessories also sold separately Carrying Case, Swivel Mounting Bracket, Vehicle Mounting Bracket, and Bike Mount Bracket
Package Contents Unit, Manual, Quick Start Guide
Alarms No
Vertical Profiles No
Display 4-Level Grayscale